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While past design trends have often been deeply seated in repetitive use, many design professionals are now bucking this philosophy and searching for inventive, unique and untapped creative designs.

Architects and designers constantly reference uniqueness and creativity.  They want something that’s different, and every piece of natural stone is unique,  We’re seeing a lot of unique and different design uses for natural stone.

Recently, in addition to the already inherent uniqueness of natural stone, the number of stone varieties available to design professionals is also expanding. As the world market continues to open up, a seemingly exponential spectrum of natural stone varieties is beginning to make its way into U.S. building designs and abroad.

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Not only does LVR provide exterior stone for award winning installations, but its Metaquartzite can achieve a plethora of applications for interiors as well. The material has a high threshold for resistance to wear and has an extraordinarily high slip resistance in the polished finish.

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The Metaquartzite stone is far superior to other quartz based Sandstones for the purposes of exterior façade systems. The stone is much more durable than any other in its class, and an investment in LVR is an investment in a product that will last indefinitely.

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LVR is a custom boutique architectural stone company that can cut/finish to any of you projects specific requirements. Working closely with designers, we are able to expand our product line with conceptual ideas from project to project.

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