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On the outskirts of the neon lights and fast-paced gaming environment of the Las Vegas strip, Las Vegas Rock has been extracting gorgeous meta-quartzite stone since the 1930’s.  Our stone has been applied everywhere from Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, Bugsy Siegel’s original Flamingo Hotel, & Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn.  Our Rainbow Quarry is expansive, covering approximately 920 acres and sits outside Goodsprings, NV., which at one time was one of the largest mining areas in the U.S. The property itself differs from what most would envision of a typical quarry site.


Joshua trees and a preserved wilderness encompass this unique setting where material is being carefully extracted.  On any given day you might see Wild Horses, Mountain Lions, and a plethora of other interesting wild animals roaming around. It was during the water conservation efforts in the 1980’s which led local residents to establish desert landscapes, as a result, the stone products from Las Vegas Rock caught on with local landscape designers.  Meta-quartzite is a very hard, versatile stone that can be polished, honed, and utilized for a multitude of applications, even waterscapes.




Cradle to Cradle 2014

Cradle to Cradle 2010

Cradle to Cradle 2013

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Not only does LVR provide exterior stone for award winning installations, but its Metaquartzite can achieve a plethora of applications for interiors as well. The material has a high threshold for resistance to wear and has an extraordinarily high slip resistance in the polished finish.

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LVR is a custom boutique architectural stone company that can cut/finish to any of you projects specific requirements. Working closely with designers, we are able to expand our product line with conceptual ideas from project to project.

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The Metaquartzite stone is far superior to other quartz based Sandstones for the purposes of exterior façade systems. The stone is much more durable than any other in its class, and an investment in LVR is an investment in a product that will indefinitely.

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